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How to Dress When You Are Round and Small!

How to Dress When You Are Round and Small!

Everything that’s small is cute! Who has never heard this sentence intended to console us for not having the legs of Adriana Karembeu? In the meantime, it is not easy when you are round and small to find what you are looking for in the women’s clothing departments. So today, focus on tips for showing off! The perfect outfit for curvy and petite women will soon have no more secrets for you! Yes, in “plus size fashion”, there is fashion! Choose your clothes well, match them well: this is where it happens.

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Round and small: lengthen your silhouette

lengthen your silhouette

When you are round and small, the priority — besides comfort, of course! is to lengthen the silhouette. This trick will not take 10 cm, but will visually refine the whole. The first thing to incorporate into your outfit is heels. No need to perch on stilts if it is not your habit, a few cm is enough. And luck this year, with the return to fashion of square heels, its guaranteed stability!

As for women’s clothing, we forget the wide cuts in which we think we’re hiding! Very often, it is what we are trying at all costs to hide that are obvious! And conversely, you don’t get stuck in the waist below: no, it doesn’t sheath, it’s bullshit. Round and small, we bet on fitted cuts (but not excessively tight so as not to stick to what is complex for us), and the key word to remember is: verticality. Open blazer, shades of color: everything is good for showing off and playing with optical illusions.

To give this vertical image, we forget the tunics under the buttocks which cut the legs (and do not hide this fleshy buttocks which can sometimes disturb us), we tuck our top into our pants to lengthen the leg, and we prefer small patterns .

Many fashion brands plus size or not, now offer to take into account the size of their client and not just their measurements. They offer ranges dedicated to small or tall women, or those who are between the two. No more shopping sessions followed by a sewing day to hem all our pants!

Puffer Jackets for Sexy Look

Puffer Jackets for Sexy Look

Is the temperature dropping? Yes. Flying snow? If not yet, then soon. That means it’s time to break out your warmest cold-weather gear—and if you’re in need of a new puffer leather jacket this year, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the best women’s winter coats to suit every budget and style, so whether you want a modern puffer coat, a stylish trench coat, or a wool coat for a dressier look, you’ll find it here. You need. .

Choose your pants well when you are a curvy and petite woman

Choose your pants well when you are a curvy and petite woman

What suits a curvy, petite woman best is a high waist. It shapes the hips and buttocks, elongates the legs and defines the hollow of the waist. Be aware that the less stretch the fabric has, the more flattering it is for your figure, especially if you have a tummy. High-waisted jeans with less than 3% elastane will flatter the petite boy and enhance the silhouette. A single version in continuous will marry it well… As the ideal shape of pants for round and petite women, it is 7/8 without any hesitation.

Uncovering the ankles seems like just a detail, but it actually makes all the difference when you want to elevate a silhouette instead of packing it down. And this is also the case even if you wear sneakers when you are roundnot heels! The straight cut suits all body types by blurring overly generous hips and slimming the leg. To make imposing buttocks more unnoticed, the back pockets must be small, to make them appear more padded, it’s the opposite!

Know that contrary to what many image advice hammer us, no shape is prohibited when it comes to pants for round and petite women! You just have to keep in mind that some cuts will enhance us more than others. Everything is a question of balance, and to show off, you have to play with the volumes to sublimate the curves. Are your favorite jeans stretch slim? Wear it! With a tucked-in boyfriend cut shirt, your silhouette will be perfectly balanced!

Outfit for curvy and petite women: the details that make the difference

the details that make the difference

To make any outfit perfect for a curvy, petite woman, you have to know how to play with the details  ! Showcasing yourself according to your strengths will subtly divert attention from our points of complex: bare shoulders, cleavage, make-up, etc. And to honor the principle of verticality mentioned above, think of dangling earrings, long necklaces and anything that looks from top to bottom, not from left to right.

Finally, note that quality women’s clothing will always look better than cheap materials. So yes, it is a budget. But by choosing to consume less and better, by betting on the second hand, by sorting out your dressing room to finally get rid of these outfits that sleep on hangers while waiting for the famous big day of “Just in case”, this problem can be solved. . You’ll be doing your plus-size women’s look as well as the planet. Plus size fashion is no longer content with misshapen lycra women’s clothing! The pride of place is given to pretty materials and quality workmanship: treat yourself!

Show off with the right colors

Show off with the right colors

Have you ever noticed that certain colors look better on you than others? This is the secret to show off: colorimetry! Bring your clothes to your face to observe the effect: it’s sometimes amazing! The right top color can immediately give you an incredible healthy glow. It’s up to you to find yours!